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Casting an envious eye over the duck-downs and woolen coverings of the four-poster, I found it easy enough to picture how well Jeeves had slept. The opulence of the main house is by no means a reliable guide. While it is a most imposing building, the word among the servants is that their rooms have not been touched since the reign of William IV.

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My bedroom is most comfortably equipped with a view of the garden, a strong reading light, and an adjacent bathroom. There is invariably a vase of fresh flowers on the chest. Anyway, enough of this gossip, Jeeves. Today sees Plan A swing into action. Since you are working for Lord Etringham and not for the household, there should be little constraint on your freedom of movement.

However, I have always found it good practice to consult the butler at the start of the day. Bicknell is well regarded belowstairs, I understand, but somewhat old-fashioned. Shall I take the tea tray? I suppose you can toddle down to breakfast without my help.

Eclipsed by a Classic

I think I can smell the bacon now. It is the normal practice to leave two or three on the hall table. If one of the heads on Mount Rushmore had taken first a body, then a breathing form, it could have picked up a hint or two from Bicknell. No one would have wished—or dared—to call him corpulent: there was no suggestion of spare flesh beneath that mighty waistcoat, but it would have been unwise to attempt a circumnavigation without leaving some sort of forwarding address or poste restante.

No General Striking for us. We sit down 10 to dinner this evening and I need you to wait at table. I looked across to Jeeves for salvation, but his face was expressionless and his lips remained sealed. Perhaps you could report to Mrs. Padgett at In the kitchen, Mrs. Padgett filled me in on what to expect. The first course was soup, unfortunately. There was to be no less than 5 minutes but not more than 10 between courses.

Bicknell was on wine duty, but would help distribute the plates if I was getting behind.

I shall never, if I live to be as old as Methuselah, forget my first sight of the dining room at Melbury Hall. I entered through a swing door in the corner, bearing a tray with several bowls of cold cucumber soup. I put it on the sideboard, as instructed, turned, and let my eyes take in the awful scene. The company was in the process of sitting down. At the head of the table was Sir Henry Hackwood, a rubicund old villain with a face like a fox and a glittering eye. Desperation and bad temper had colored his features, though Scotch whisky may have lent a hand.

Georgiana wore a plain satin dress and a distant look. Amelia was in blue, though the rims of her eyes were red.

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Lord Etringham in his Drones Club shirt studs and exact bow tie was placed between them. Jeeves exuded poise. Woody was below the salt, brooding. The Venables father and son filled in the gaps, the latter without drawing breath as he told a story about a visit to the Maharaja of Jodhpur. The real horror lay in mid-table, where, opposite each other, sat Lady Hackwood and her old school friend Dame Judith Puxley.

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  • Dame Judith had rows of black beads over her evening dress and an unblinking gaze, like a rattlesnake that has just spotted its lunch. We need a couple of strong players.

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    • Woody looked up from his soup. He has frequently boasted to me of his triumphs with leather and willow. I had got four soup bowls almost back to safety, but at this moment they broke into a spontaneous dance, the spoons going like castanets as I plonked the whole lot onto the sideboard.

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      His acquaintance is formed in large part from the sporting underworld. Well, the thing that seemed peculiar to me was that no one consulted the fellow Wilberforce himself. I heard the high horse neigh impatiently, and I cast a wistful glance in the direction of the saddle. By Nick Bilton. By Joe Pompeo. See if it has a web page and find out what is going on there.

      Remember to put quote marks around the name of your school to help narrow the search. I went into three different search engine to see what would happen when I put in my high school. However, I found out that my old high school does indeed have a web site. I really had some luck at Ask Jeeves www.

      Is there a way to see old versions of a listing? - Selling on Amazon - Amazon Seller Forums

      I was given the option of asking for high school web sites across the country and linked to a hot list of public and private school web sites categorized by state. That should help to at least reduce the number of George Washington high schools that you have to research. I also went to www. There I found the official school site, sites maintained by various school organizations, and a few personal web sites that references schools with the same name as my school. I also found a link to an alumni registry for public and private schools. They also maintain a bulletin board so that you can leave messages for old school chums.

      Which just so happens to be a nice segue into my next recommendation. Find an old friend, old love, old boss, old enemy, old room mate or old pal. I wrote a whole column on ways you can do this September 16, It can be very rewarding. The last suggestion is to learn at least 3 new things about your Mac. The best way to do this is to review tips that help you become more proficient. I have covered a number of these in the past see columns from February 10, , and February 17, I plan to cover more next week.

      Following last week's column I received a very nice note from Phil Shepard. In that column I talked about checking the amount of memory reserved for various programs and listed the steps that should be followed to check and modify memory amounts. Phil told me that the steps I listed were ok for older machines, but inaccurate for machines with system 8. Following is a revised set of directions based on Phil's comments.

      How To Reconnect With Old Friends

      Phil added some additional helpful information about memory and maximum efficiency from your machine. You are correct that it is wise to change the minimum size to equal the suggested size. However, the most helpful change is almost always increasing the preferred size. If one has enough memory installed or enough virtual memory then a good rule of thumb is to increase the preferred size to at least the next multiple of For example, K would become K. Some programs show almost unbelievable improvements with increased memory settings.

      This is good information and I appreciate Phil taking the time to share it with me, and subsequently, with you.