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Travel Chairman is Thomas V. Dougherty of Michigan.

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You will be hearing more about them and from them later. Spain and Canada are in the process of appointing their officers. We do know that Reamonn 0 Dogherty is the President for the Spanish members of our tribe. John Docherty is the Canadian Travel Chairman. All three reside in Ontario, Canada. Both the Spanish and Canadian 0 Dochartaigh's will be adding more officers, at a later time.


All of these officers have contributed much in the way of time, support and ideas for the association and the reunion. We have much to be grateful for when we have been able to obtain the cooperation of these fine people:. Abhu: Onward 0 Dochartaigh's. And now a word? Will not belabor the fact that our Yearbook was delayed.

There are additional copies available and they make fine gifts for family members. Let us know if you wish any more copies. Membership Campaign - With the help of many persons throughout the U. We do have persons compiling lists for us in the states of Delaware, Minnesota, Louisiana, Ohio and Montana and hope to hear from them soon, as to the number of postcards they require.

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Our Canadian contacts have covered the province of Ontario quite well, but we are desperate for someone to help with the other provinces. If you know of any 0 Dochartaigh in the states not yet contacted, and the provinces not yet contacted, let us know. Perhaps we can ask them to get out the telephone directories at their libraries and make up mailing lists and then address the postcards for us.

It is important that we don't over-burden those that are already working very hard Many of you send self-addressed-self-stamped envelopes and we are very grateful for that, as much of our mail requires a minimum of postage. Overseas mail is for each i oz, so you can imagine what those letters are costing us. We certainly would appreciate your sending in your. Barnesville Reunion - Jul - 31, - Plans are underway for a large reunion.

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  4. The park facili ties are excellent. Overnight camping will be available Tor those with campers and trailers, with the understanding that we are all adults and act according ly.

    Barnesville is 25 miles west of Wheeling, W. Some of us attended the reunion held there last summer and cannot say enough in praise of the people, who were very hospitable and friendly. It has been their custom to have a one- day reunion, with members bringing food for a meal to be shared by those in attendance. There will be more details on this as it is a year and a half away. The area is much like Donegal, Ireland. Rugged and mountainous.

    Very beautiful, and well worth planning for:. We need information on sept family histories, family folklore, photo's, reunion reports, reunion announcements, amusing anecdotes, histories of places named after 0 Dochartaigh's, poetry and whatever articles you wish to include. There will be many new ancestry sheets included in this Yearbook, from those members whose direct descendency charts did not appear in our Yearbook this time.

    It is not too early to start sending this in. They read "0 Dochartaigh of Donegal" and are white lettering on a green background. Shirts with various spellings of the surname on the back and 0 Dochartaigh of Donegal on the front are available in adult sizes, small, med. They are green lettering on green and white shirts. We will have pewter mugs at a later time, made in Derry especially for us. We are trying to figure out a way to get them over here without the cost being prohibitive.

    We also have Origin books on the following surnames for We have smaller books on the surnames; 0 Neill, 0 Flaherty,. Allow two weeks for delivery. If you have not filled out an ancestry sheet and returned it to us, let us know and we will send you one and assign you a family group number. I have probably neglected to mention something of great importance, if so, let me know. We are going to have, as a regular feature of our newsletter, a "Missing Links" section. Farmer who was also born in Eda Ann died in Virginia. Lavonnie you got the first "freebie.

    Ancestrily yours,.

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    Hi Everybody:. Your June newsletter comes from the quill of another tribesman who hopes to continue to bring news of interest and joy to each one of you. To our Secretary Jeanne comes our sincere "thanks" for the superb writing of the first newsletter. This was the result of countless hours of mental gears working in tune with hundreds of letters of correspondence, daily trips to the post office and the many incredible tasks involved to put out any publication. On behalf of our membership I say thanks to Jeanne for a job well done.

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    Another bouquet of shamrocks goes to our President Patrick, and to the membership officers whose loyalty to the honored surname brings forth a welcome breath of fresh air in reviving tribal interest and preservation of ancestral lineage. With a spirit of enthusiasim such as these grand people possess, we can do nothing but proceed onward; however, there is a stepping stone lacking, and that is YOU:. Imagine if you will the joys of meeting each other personally at tribal gatherings, and we are certainly looking forward to that. Don't be just a "reader" who tosses away the newsletter after perusal.

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    Hang on to them as they may contain a wealth of hidden information otherwise not known to you or other members. Perhaps they may contain that hidden clue we have all been waiting for to unlock those doors to our honored past. With our little column concerning "Missing Links" should come a powerhouse of data waiting to be turned on by your tribal interest. Help to turn it on by showing a feeling of envolvement.

    When you care, you will share and isn't that what our new association is all about? We welcome your thoughts and ideas We want our newsletters to radiate with excitement causing you to mark the calender each day in anxious anticipation for the arrival of each quarterly issue. Bring a spark of hope to our letters of inquiry, who knows, it could be you some day. To our tribal cousins in Spain and Canada comes warm regards. May we have the pleasure of hearing from you.

    We look forward to meeting with you not only at the great re union in , but whenever time permits prior to then. We invite your participation in contributions to our newsletters as well, because it involves our inheritance. With our association rapidly emerging from its infant stages, we not only solicit your assistance but patience as well as we try to smooth out the "rough spots" leading to our ultimate goals.

    There is no need to beat the old tribal drums, nor to ignite the ancient bonfires that proclaimed the news in ages past. Your green badge with white deer identifies you to others as loyal members of the tribe 0 Dochartaigh. Wear them often with a sense of pride. The scribe dips the quill once more in closing to express his appreciation for the honor bestowed upon him as your news gatherer.

    Enjoy your summer, but most of all take care and be happy. Mary of the Holy Spirit, who is compiling the names and addresses of people in the Philadelphia and Delaware county areas. Sister is located at Veree Rd. We're sure her list will include well over a thousand names. Just think about your own town, city county and state and the many names listed in phone books.

    Can you help us to track them down? Interestingly enough the mention of genealogy and family lineage becomes quite prominent in the Gospel of Matthew: It might seem to the modern reader that St. Matthew chose an extraordinary to begin his gospel. It might seem daunting to present right at the beginning, a long list of names to wade through. But to a Jew, this was the most natural and the most interesting and indeed the most essential way to begin the story of any man's life. To the Jews, this was most common, for we find in the Old Testament lists of famous men Gen: , when Josephus, the greatest of the Jewish historians wrote his own biography.

    He began with his own pedigree, which he tells us he found in public records. The reason for this interest was that Jews set the greatest possible store on the purity of lineage. If he was married, the women he wed would have to produce her pedigree for at least five generations back. Did you know, cont'd. When Ezra was reorganizing the worship of the priesthood to function again after the people returned from exile, the children of Koz and the children of Barzillai and others were debarred from office.

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    They were labeled "poluted" because: " These sought registration amoung those enrolled in genealogies, but they were not found there. Since the proving and the preserving of family pedigree data was re corded long before the birth of Christ, then it is only natural for all of us to spend countless hours in quest of information and data which ties us to our ancestral roots. These roots were never really broken, but rather snipped in small pieces to be trans planted and nurtured to the present day. We are hoping to have copies of the film made to be available to members and groups at an affordable price.

    More on that later.